1972 Silver Spur II


30 March 2001

Following an extensive search, taking over a year, I found the car with all the features I was looking for:


no everflex roof


low mileage


excellent leather


good paint

I found this PMC (proper motor car!) with just 17,000 miles on the clock at Continental Auto Sports in Hinsdale, Illinois. Although the salespeople treated me well, they never sent the tools that mysteriously went missing following my inspection of the car.

18 July 2001

Service performed by Bob at Equus Ferus in New York


Replace oil and filter


Rebuild rear shocks


Replace all belts


Replace fuel filter


Fix exhaust leak


Clean fuel injectors

12 August 2001

NAM-34983 wins second place in the RROC Atlantic Region annual concourse.

The two issues that caused point losses have been remedied. One was the light under the hood, the other was missing tools.

8 January 2002

The PMC is given to Magrathea to have the under carriage cleaned and re-coated.

15 March 2002

A new Alpine stereo system is being installed. In addition to the standard stuff, this system will include a GPS system and XM Radio. The Motorola V-60 phone system will be integrated into this package.

31 March 2002

It's almost time for the Texas Regional meet, so the Spur got a Leatherique treatment this sunny afternoon. Mileage stands at 21,986. This is the first time I use this leather treatment product, and hope that it works! Tomorrow we will have to wipe it down with step number two. Okay, so it worked well except for one spot on the driver's seat where it looks like Leatherique lifted some of the dye.


5 - 7 April 2002

The Spur placed first in its category at the annual Texas Region concours. We put 1,412 miles on the car this week, averaging 14.85mpg on the highway, and 12.36 overall during the entire week.

10 July 2002

With mileage at 25,000 it is time for an oil and filter change, lube job and tire balancing and rotation. All else is going well! 2.5 hours worth of labor!


4 November 2002

Four new tires put on the car. New Michelin X-ones offer a stiffer ride, and perform much better.


17 February, 2003

While In Mexico, The Spur is with Bentley Dallas to get new oil, filters, and a replacement of the rear-left passenger seat reclining motor.


2 May 2003

We head down for the Texas regional concours, and come back with First Place Award in the Spirit / Spur class. Second year!

11 March 2004

The car is serviced by Bentley Dallas. As always, the car is in tip-top shape, and only requires its annual oil change. There are 30,936 miles on the Spur.