1972 Silver Shadow


27 September 1972

Order taken by Rolls-Royce Motors Limited from Moore of Brighton. An automobile dealer in Sussex, UK.

The car is painted in Caribbean Blue over Seychelles Blue with Champagne leather piped in dark blue for seating. Headlining in champagne leather. A fine gold line was painted above and below the chrome molding and double gold lines were painted on the discs.

5 December 1972

Final road test prior to delivery.

2 January 1973

Delivery from Rolls Royce Motors to Moore of Brighton.

2 December 1973

SRH14594 receives its 3,000 miles service at Moore with actual mileage reading 2,677

the original British tag


Looking for U.K. information between these dates  


The car was imported into the United States by Mr. Walsh of Massachusetts, where the car resided until his passing in 1998. After his death the car was shipped to Indiana where Mr. Walsh's son kept the car until the sale to Mark Stanley. All DOT requirements were made at the time of import. Very few miles were put on the car between 1994 and 2000.

1 October 2000

Titled to Mark Stanley who used the car as a regular driver with minimal maintenance due to lack of a Rolls expert in the region. The 8-track was replaced with a modern stereo system.

30 August 2001

I purchased the Shadow from Mark Stanley with 70,331 miles on the odometer. It took Horseless Carriage over 6 weeks to pick up the PMC in Illinois for delivery in Dallas. During this wait, the mascot was stolen. The Silver Shadow was delivered directly to Magrathea for an extensive service visit.

16 October 2001 - 15 November 2001


Replace water pump and o-rings


Overhaul hydraulic system including replacement accumulators & height control valves


Replace stolen Spirit of Ecstasy mascot


Wood caps on doors were sent out and re-varnished in Santa Barbara, California


The leather got a complete cleaning and treatment to restore its condition


The original gold stripes on the wheels, now missing, were replaced


right-hand rear door lock repaired


Replaced oil and filter and anti-freeze

for a total of 36.5 hours of labor.

5 December 2001

29 Years to the date that this car passed its final inspection, Tony Handler supplies an owner's manual to this vehicle. A great find and a handy tool! 

10 December 2001

The car is going back to Magrathea to have the right rear restrictor valve repaired or replaced. With all new hydraulic components, the weakest point in the "old" system is beginning to leak and will need taking care of today. The richness of the carburetors will be reduced to allow the car to idle at a lower RPM.


Replace Rear Restrictor Valves  


Rebuilt the carburetors


Adjust choke for US market  

for a total of 8 hours of labor.

13 January 2002

A beautiful day in the Metroplex and the Shadow performs magnificently on the Tollway. Cruising at 80, and flooring the accelerator to clear out the soot in the system. The Shadow runs extremely quiet, almost unimaginable for a 30-year old car!

19 January 2002

Yet another Connolly treatment for the leather has been applied today, and  the interior is ready for the April judging event! Now we are contemplating a paint job that would make this PMC a 98 pointer!

After today's ride, mileage stands at 70,531

27 January 2002

The car leaves for its new paint job at Texas Body Works, located at Midway Road in Carrollton.

31 May 2002

We receive the car from Magrathea following a long paint and body restoration job by Texas Body Works. Magrathea polished all steel and chrome parts to make the car look new.

A complete history of the paint process can be seen by clicking this link.


31 December 2002

No updates have been entered for a few months because the PMC has been driving incredibly well. I might almost say she is more fun to drive than the Spur! Did I say that??


1 March 2004

The Shadow was driven to Bentley Dallas for its annual service which included replacing the engine oil (Mobil Drive Clean 20W50), brake fluid (RR363), transmission fluid (Mobil ATF), differential grease (80W90), and coolant. The radiator hoses were also changed, and all 4 tires were replaced. Of course all chassis points were lubed. The car drives even better than it did before! There are 71,658 miles on the PMC at this point.