Park Ward Enclosed Limousine




This Phantom V  was formerly in service with the High Commissioner of Nigeria in London, first delivered on 20 April 1960.
In the mid 70's the PMC was sent back to Park Ward where she was fitted with updated bonnet and fenders. The passenger compartment was reupholstered and a modern air-conditioning system was added to the driver's cabin at a total cost of

The logo as it appeared on the Phantom

additional information is being accumulated at this time.


1984 - 2003

In 1984, the car was acquired and shipped to Irving, Texas where it remained in climate controlled storage for the next 19 years. During these two decades only 2,000 were accumulated.



I acquired the car in May of 2003.

 In June 2003, following about 20 hours of polishing and waxing, she won the "Best of Class" and "Best of Show" Awards at the annual Big Daddy Car Show in Addison, Texas.

As of  5 July 2003 this PMC has 26,785  original miles on the odometer.

The car was prepped for the 2003 RROC National Meet in Rhode Island by Bentley Dallas. We attempted to drive her the 1,800 miles over a 4-day period.  Unfortunately, it was not to be.  Some of the hoses that had not been replaced decided to collapse and pose a braking problem along the way. Luckily we were stranded in Nashville, Tennessee, home of JD British Cars where this lady is now in good hands. Besides the brake and power steering pump work, the fuel tank will be replaced and some serious rust issue will be taken care of at this time. See photos

"Lady Independence" on the lift at JD's The master cylinders before they are put back onto the P5 The rust on the chassis cut out and ready for patching.
The right-rear snubber rebuilt. The rust in the fuel tank. Crud removed from the fuel filter, just 800 miles after it had been cleaned


22 March 2004

"Lady Independence" goes to Bentley Dallas to replace all fluids before we head down to Waco for the Regional Concurs. The carburetors are also adjusted.  There are now 28,536 miles on this Phantom V.

The wool overlay rugs are back from the dry cleaners, and Rich from Maquiar's is coming by to put his magic touch to the car.



2 - 4 April 2004

The Phantom handled beautifully, except for one glitch with the fuel pump on Saturday. A new pump has been ordered, and the old one will be refurbished. The Phantom wins 2 first places in the Concours.