Park Ward Enclosed Limousine




This car was formerly in service with the High Commissioner of Nigeria in London, first delivered on 20 April 1960.
In the late '60s the PMC was sent back to Park Ward where she was fitted with updated bonnet and fenders. The passenger compartment was reupholstered and a modern air-conditioning system was added to the driver's cabin.

In 1984, the car was acquired and shipped to Irving, Texas where it remained in storage for the next 19 years. During these two decades only 4,000 were accumulated.
Currently the car is being prepped for the 2003 RROC National Meet in Rhode Island. She will travel the 1,800 miles over a 4-day period. Following the event, the Phantom will travel to Toronto for a frame-off restoration of the chassis.

As of  5 June 2005 this PMC has 28,785  original miles on the odometer. In June 2003, she won the "Best of Class" and "Best of Show" Awards at the annual Big Daddy Car Show in Addison, Texas.

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Production History:

Number produced: 516
Original Specification: 8 cylinders (V-8), overhead valves, 104.14 mm. x 91.44 mm. (6230 c.c.), 4 speed automatic gearbox, brakes hydraulic front and combined hydraulic and mechanical rear with servo, suspension independent front and semi-elliptic rear, wheelbase 145", tires 8.90 x 15.

Chassis Series Year Comments
5 AS 1-101 9/59-7/60 8:1 comp. ratio, Delco distributor
5 AT 2-100 8/60-2/61  
5 BV 1-101 2/61-7/61  
5 BX 2-100 8/61-1/62  
5 CG 1-79 11/61-11/62  
5 VA 1-123 6/62-3/64 9:1 comp. ratio, Lucas distributor, twin headlights
5 VB 1-51 1/63-4/64  
5 VC 1-51 4/64-10/64  
5 VD 1-101 9/64-9/65  
5 VE 1-51 9/65-3/66  
5 VF 1-183 3/66-4/68