1947 Silver Wraith 4-door, 4-light Saloon by Hooper
Body 9259, design 8060
WVA76, engine W161A, registration EWV 138

First sold to A. A. Pilkington in October, 1947

!947 Silver Wraith Sports Sedan by Hooper Although not very clear in any of the photos, there is a factory-installed sunshine roof in the car. In 1947, the pre-war wheel discs were still being used.
  The flaring doors cover the running boards when closed. This design became known as the squatting hen by the Hooper factory workers.  
  Double suicide doors.  
The PMC has resided in Anchorage, Alaska since 1980.Prior to this time she was in Oregon. The full history will hopefully become more available after contact with the RREC and RROC. It is now time to bring her to the warmer climate of Dallas.

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