Here is what has been done to date:

August 5, 2006 Removed engine for rebuild. Still traveling like crazy, so it will be a while before we see any progress!
September 2, 2006 Disassembled right front wheel and brake as much as possible. Will need spring compressor to continue.
September 3, 2006 Removed right front wing and front bumper.
September 4, 2006 Removed left front wing and most of sway bar and suspension. Requested a spring compressor from Ralph. Dropped off the wings and bonnet to Ricardo for stripping, priming, and painting.
September 5, 2006 Applied generous amounts of paint stripper to the front of the chassis to see if it would remove the old undercoat. Sandblasted several parts of the wing and bonnet. Not happy with the slow refill capabilities of the large compressor.
September 6, 2006 Removed copious amounts of undercoat from the chassis and re-applied a second coat of stripper. This stuff works great. Primed and painted the prepped parts. Some parts are still soaking in the kerosene. Received the copy-cad plating system from Caswell.
September 7 Cleaned off the resulting paste from the area where I applied stripper. At least 3 pounds of gook came off the front of the car. Think about the improved MPG I will get! Cleaned out the parts cleaner and removed the parts sitting in it.
September 8 Found a deep socket to help with compressing the spring. Unfortunately, the first bit of force against the top retainer allowed it to break because of heavy rust (see photo). We'll have to get the springs out some other way tomorrow. Went looking for a new air compressor since this one is on its last leg. Thanks to Tim we will pick it up from Lowe's after the RROC club breakfast.
September 9 Tim and I got the new compressor which allowed me to clean, prime, and paint a few more parts this evening. Removed most of the interior; one seat refused to budge, so we'll have to try again tomorrow. No time for the springs today, as they say maƱana soon come!