1947 Silver Wraith
Touring Saloon - no division body by Hooper


Complete history will be added as it becomes available through the previous owners and the RREC.

9 July 1947



On this date, the chassis, WVA76, is delivered to Hooper to be mated with a touring limousine body for its owner Mr. J. Cohen. However, Hooper notifies Rolls-Royce, Ltd. that no touring limousines will be available until the middle of September. Rolls-Royce decided to re-assign this chassis to order 5324, a Saloon without division for a Mr. Pilkington who was not scheduled to have his chassis delivered to Hooper until February of 1948, see letter dated 11 July, 1947.It is with interest we note that the first communication about this order was dated 21 August, 1946. Mr. Pilkington insisted that his new Rolls-Royce was fitted with an opening windscreen, just like his pre-war Wraith has. See letter 1 and letter 2.






Hooper more than any other company, founded their considerable reputation on Royal patronage. Established in 1830 in the Haymarket, London, they held royal warrants from 1830 until they closed after the second world war. By 1904 Hoopers & Co (Coachbuilders) Ltd, had established showrooms in St James Street in London's West End and their coach building factory at Chelsea was the biggest of its kind in London Their clients included The Emperor of Japan, The King of Egypt and the Shah of Persia They exhibited 3 models at the 1959 Motor Show, but these were in the nature of a swan song.
The models were never repeated, and that year Hooper ceased finally to make Coachwork for "royal and distinguished patrons"

18 July 1947



The interior leather ordered was a Connolly Red VM8310 throughout. The head-cloth will be Fawn cloth 29346. Carpet was to be red to match the leather. The car's exterior was to be solid black "all over".
A special feature requested by Mr. Pilkington is a ventilating front screen to open, hinged at top. Also, all windows need to be "free from rattle."
These types of windows had not been produced since before the War, but Mr. Pilkington was insistent, and got his way. See letter and drawings from Hooper.
Another modification was made to the cubby door, see letter. The walnut Golden Burls was to be as light as possible.

31 October 1947 A completed PMC is delivered to Mr. Pilkington via Wessex Motors, Ltd. on New Street, Salisbury.
Invoices indicate the 2035 pounds were paid for the chassis and 1,865 pounds were paid for the body, plus tax for a total of UK
6,068. This would be equivalent to US$259,000 in 2004.

5 November 1947



Wessex Motors notifies Hooper of several issues concerning the Saloon delivered to the present owner. Arrangements are made to bring the car back to Hooper to repair leaks in the boot, rear doors, and repair a bonnet that does not fit properly.

21 September 1949


WVA76 is sold to Clarkson Rose of Eastbourne, England.

16 December 1955


WVA76 is sold again to P. F. Swain of London.

26 March 1958


WVA76 is sold again to Seymour Cobley of North Devon, England
Mr. Cobley was the founder of The Bulb Farm, famous for its daffodils. Mr. Cobley is registered with the Royal Horticultural Society. Currently the farm is still in operation, and I am trying to contact a surviving family member to enquire about the car.

196? - 1975

WVA76 was owned by Don Criteser of Oregon, a name given to the Hahns?
It is 1/05, and I have been e-mailing with a son and cousin of the late Don Criteser. Indeed the car was owned by him, and I am awaiting a time-frame. Dennis does not believe the car was in the family for more than a few years, so an additional owner will have had the car until about 1965.

19 December 1975 WVA76 was sold to J. Fred & Sophia Butler of Ontario, Oregon. They sell the PMC to Barry Cooney of west Lynn, Oregon. He never titles the car, and in turn sells it to the next owners.

20 October 1981 WVA76 is registered to Karl & Connie Hahn in Anchorage, Alaska.
In all these years, the PMC was not driven in the rain, and actually saw very few miles added.
This was always a very silent PMC, and the only major work taken on was the repainting of the red on the doors where the paint had began to peel off. At this time the wheel discs were repainted from black to red to match the doors.

24 August 2004


WVA76 was delivered to the docks in Anchorage for shipment to her new adoptive home in Dallas, Texas. The kneeling lady mascot and her almost complete toolkit were shipped separately to make sure they got to Dallas!


1 September 2004


The PMC arrives in Tacoma, Washington and is transferred to a road carrier for further transport to Dallas. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival!

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